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From time to time I write about recommended coins to collect; over the next few issues I will go over my current favorite modern coins that can still be obtained for what I believe to be a good value.  Of course, no one can predict the future and it is important to do your own research before making any purchases, and those that collect for financial gain have to remember that there is always a chance of losing money. I have found that many novice collectors and so-called investors many times overpay because of hyped up grading or because of certain types of label designations given to coins.  Please remember that it is better to check the market for a coin before making a purchase.

My first pick for 2014 is the 2008-W, reverse of 2007 American Silver Eagle.  The mintage of this coin is roughly 47,000, it ranks 2nd overall in lowest mintage among all silver eagles ever produced.  It is the rarest of all business strike coins (ms/unc).  The coin was struck with a burnished finish and has a “W” mintmark for West Point.  In the last couple of years the percentage increase in wholesale value is up about 20% and I expect the coin to continue this trend for years to come.  It is best to find this coin in a PCGS holder MS69 First Strike in the $500 range.  NGC coins are respectable along with raw coins with original box and papers.  These examples can still be found in the $400’s.  It is important to know the difference between a 2007 and 2008 reverse so you can get the type correct.  This will require some research, or drop by the shop and I’ll be happy to explain the difference.  Normal 2007-W and 2008-W, burnished eagles are much less expensive so make sure you know the variety before spending the bucks.   08W Rev 07 MS70 examples do exist, but may not be as liquid as MS69 examples and are pricey, plus there is a wide range in price between PCGS and NGC coins.  My recommendation is for MS69 examples or raw examples that are spot free to the naked eye.

Next issue we’ll continue to go over other American Silver Eagles that are a great value including the new enhanced proof.  Be sure to stop by the coin shop some time at 118 West Main in Turlock or call 209-668-3682 with questions.

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